30 x 400mg. Continuous use daily will
slowly turn you into Ant and Dec.
£49.99, use once a day.

90 x 1.2g. Makes all the blood in your
body evaporate through your skin.
£79.99, Ingest twice a day with food.

1 x 670mg. One use instantly melts your
skeleton so you can traverse drains.
£14.99, single pill.

120 x 2mg. Swaps salty and sweet tastes
and makes urine taste good.
£29.99, once daily with food.

2 x 1000mg. Take the first to enter hell
and the second to return to earth.
£49.99, fast for 2 hours beforehand.

15 x 14mg. Creates blister lumps all over
body that produce money when popped.
£12.99, One per hour.

100 x 2mg. Changes eye colour to
whatever you're thinking at the time.
£54.99, Take with milk.

5 x 1.2g. Makes your dad double
in height overnight.
£19.99, break in half and swallow both.

30 x 200mg. Generates life size cutout
of 3 random celebrities.
£149.99, "James Corden" Can't be used.

16 x 50μg. Emit toxic fumes from nose
for 3 hours.
£9.99, swallow dry.

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