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Hello there, my name is Dr. Kendall Plorbp. I first started my online pharmacy when I realised the demands for our ever growing market of novel drugs wasn't being met by most modern medical institutions.

Many drugs that have shown massive improvements to the quality of life of patients during testing are not available from ANY pharmacy or GP surgery. I set out to change this.

To make you feel a bit more comfortable with who I am, I'll tell you about my credentials, which are as follows:

• 20 Years experience in MK-ULTRA
  program as a lead developer.
• 9 individual doctorates of medicine
  from 9 individual universities.
• Developed my own alcohol-free
  cocktail that I like to call "Shark Juice"
• Have communicated with God, Angels
  and Demons in one simultaneous
  90 minute skype phone call
• Voted most likely to have an inhumanly
  wide and threatening smile 3 times
  from 2009-2011


Helping people is in my bones, its in my blood. Embedded in my skeleton and clawing its ways into my frontal lobe.
My aim is to provide a fair, free shopping platform that supplies the public with life saving medication they otherwise wouldn't be able to access.

Trust in me as I take you on this pharmaceutical journey. I promise to deliver only the upmost quality of product at the best possible prices. I wish nothing more than success and happiness from my customers and patients.


It's important to understand the relationship between doctor and patient. Every year we shed over 300kg of skin. Do you think they won't take it from you? Living inside a small building can improve the way you think about sizes and shapes.

Glowing in the dark via skin modules increases visibility when cycling or running. Do you think they know where I am at the moment? A portion of the money owned by the CIA is funnelled into small cabins. We live there when we think.

They can see me, they can always see me. It's okay to drink a tiny bit of paint thinner if you replace the cap. Don't go into the water if it hasn't been volt tested. There needs to be an agreement between the state and where we can travel. They're looking now. Keep watching. 17 years ago you could walk in a straight line and meet all the creatures on the road.

Never a better time to fix it if it's broken. And we never know what the problem is ourselves. Good to check your bank account for rats and moles. listening to the same song 3 times in a row is a sign theyve done it. Google is an anagram for hell. We know it but they've edited the logo to represent 3 biblical passsages. I fought a faceless man in the dark and he bled tears.

If it isn't time for it don't say it's true. The button on the side of the lawnmower expels ghosts. Fine for me but I'm not sure if you should read it. The book has a leather spine. Classification of who's job is where in the family is dictated by final page revelations horns. Cleaner fluid for cats and dogs its fine to use in food its just there to make money. The expiry date isn't real. The sun and moon dont expire so why would you? Shadows move before you to make sure your path is clear. Don't listen to them, it's not good. Don't look around. There's 14 stations with only 7 trains. Who's running the empty ones? Who are they hiring? Are you important enough to ignite, let's go together. Burning sacrifice monumental. Each God allows a few to improve favour. We can too so you'll be there.