Isopod Collection
World Of Woodlouse

Feast your eyes on the most beautiful
creatures ever spawned by Gods fantastic

Long have the Isopods roamed our kingdom.
Some say they possess minds greater than
that of our greatest scientists (human).
I would wager this is true, every woodlouse
that I have had the pleasure of meeting was
above the 200 IQ range.

I would like to present to you some of the
woodlouses I have met in my travels and the
things I liked about them.

1. Յարութ

Created from pure azure blue crystals, this
powerful mind is responsible for the creation
of the entire latin language, and modern
arithmetic methods we use today in engineering
and physics. You could say that without this
individual we wouldn't have buildings or cars.
We thank this creature for its contribution
to our lives and for giving us the ability to
defend against rain, wind and snow.

2. Hassan Fıstığı

What may look like an ordinary bug to some is
actually responsible for all medicine we use today.
Through the divine intellect provided by Hassan,
doctors and pharmacists alike have been able
to learn the inner workings of the human body.
This is because Hassan in particular has the
ability to view physical ailments as auras and
diagnose issues directly through his feeler

3. 村丘

Lord of dreams. Co-writer of many earth
animal designs such as cats, earthworms and
a few species of bird. The main thing they have
brought to the table of mankind is the ability to
dream when falling asleep. We always wonder
what happens to us when we are dreaming; are
we really in another world? or just roaming
around inside our own heads... The truth is much
more simple. 村丘, many years ago, created a
void of timespace inside his vessel, to which we
all travel to in our dream states. All of our
dreams really take place inside them.

4. विष्णु

Our senses, and the emotions we feel all trace
back to विष्णु. Before them, no feelings, physical
or mental, were able to be felt. We thank this
woodlouse for allowing us, as mere humans, to
experience the isopod sensations of joy and love.
This acts as a double edged sword of sorts, as they
are also responsible for our feelings of pain, but
who of us would wish to live as a grey blob devoid
of sensation? विष्णु decided none of us, and knows
us better than we know ourselves.

5. Χριστός

Long thought extinct by most, however I had the
pleasure of meeting with this one again in late 2016.
We all use electronic devices to enhance our lives
in some way, so we all have thanks to give to
Χριστός for the invention of electricity. This feat
is constantly mistattributed to humans, but if you
were to browse the original manuscripts involved
in the invention of devices such as the light bulb,
you would see markings of small woodlouse feet
on most of the pages. This is no coincidence.

6. ميكائيل

Spawned in the garden of Eden at the very dawn
of time itself. The original water spring, the river's
source. Clean drinking liquids flow through the
crevices of earth because of this glorious creature;
an essential part of a living being is the consumption
of water. Before ميكائيل the earth was a barren
wasteland of rock and flame. We thank you for
quenching our eternal thirst.

7. ܓ݁ܰܒ݂ܪܺܝܐܝܶܠ

A symbiotic dual organism that actually functions
with one mind. Planted the seeds in the minds of
many historical figures, for better or for worse.
Any plan of war, destruction or peace was a thought
started by this sinister duo. In fairness they are also
responsible for the pleasant thoughts that allowed
us to hush the fires of battle, and sew harmony
through all life.

8. ዑራኤል

Bringer of pestilence. Speaks in tongues when
given the opportunity. No amount of distasteful
and foul speech can displace the elegance of their
wisdom though. A mind that can see into all
hypothetical pasts and all potential futures; a truly
omniscient species that can answer any question
posed towards it. What would you ask it, if
perchance it had a personal email address?

9. ფარნავაზ

Generated the original amino acid structures.
Spends most of their days fertilizing soil. Fun
little fact; there is absolutely no benefit to fertilizing
soil. The growth of plants and crops is only affected
by the proximity to this louse, and is in no way
affected by artificial growth hormones purchased
in stores. It's the luck of the draw where this beast
roams and if they decide to stay in one place for
an extended period of time, bountiful harvests shall
come to you.

10. Річард

A random number generator of sorts. Useful for the
"Chaos Factor" of the known universe. Unlike a
computer system which can never be truly random,
this creature uses divine intellect to arrange new
integers in a way unique to the exact time of
production. Consult them if you wish to balance
your future by picking oversaturated elements
of your life, and swapping them out with the