The origins of the known universe

What if someone were to tell you that
everything you knew about the creation
of our planet, and its creatures, was a
complete lie?

Have you ever seen an object that
resembled this pyramid? Perhaps in
a dream or a vision under the
influence of extreme heat?


     Life is like a 3D Pyramid
Just like our universe there are
5 panels to a 3 Dimensional pyramid.
They align exactly to the aspects we
have in our real lives:

1. The Ever Present Life Energy that
flows around us in a wrapping fashion.
Similar to a blanket but provides us
with energy; converting us from sacks
of meat, flesh and bones into moving,
talking organisms that can
communicate and fall in love.


2. The panel of consciousness.
Where is the seat of your soul? Do
you ever wonder where "you" are?
I think it would be difficult to
open up the brain and remove a
chunk with a surgical scalpel, and
then call that removed piece "you".
Perhaps what is really you sits
somewhere outside of our mortal


3. Thoughts and logic. Tell me friend,
have you ever conversed with a robot?
Do you think they take what you're
saying into account or rather, they
simply go through programmed loops
before responding to you? Is the human
mind like this? We are able to
understand each other and communicate
effectively because of our innate
ability to process information. They
say the brain is like a giant computer
but no computer will ever simulate the
magic of true thought.


4. Panel of senses. We've all tried to
put our hands over a naked flame for as
long as possible. When you are a child,
your skin and brain work in tandem to
send signals of pain through your nerves,
this is told to us as a warning against
further actions. Yet, it is possible to
train yourself to defy pain. I am
currently at my own personal record of
52 seconds with placing my hand directly
over a burning hob. Can anyone else say
the same?

5. Internal Sight. Dreams take us to
places that neither man nor beast
could conjure, yet they are real
somewhere. Where in your mind is the
projector screen that plays the movies
of your sleep? The canvas of stuttering
lights and colours you witness as you
slumber (and of course, just before) is
a space in reality. It's unknown if it
is physical or not, but again I ask you:
if someone could cut open your skull and
layer it into little pieces, would you
be able to point out which part is the
stage for your mental theatrics?


       Wrap this net in your mind
The Egyptians knew all of this of course,
which is the reason for their pyramid
structures. Would it interest you to know
that these structures were not built
thousands of years ago, as we have always
been taught, but rather billions of years
ago at the dawn of time. These pyramids
were not crafted by slaves but by Gods
who used the reverse funnel shape to pour
in the life essence of all mankind.


             Dare to be re-born
A challenge I set out for you, the reader,
if you wish to learn about the true
secrets of our creation. Locate one of
the ancient Egyptian pyramids and wait
until nightfall. Then channel spiritual
energy through your feet as you concentrate
very heavily on the idea of a humanoid
face appearing above your head. Ask it
whatever you'd like, and then let me
know the secrets you uncover.


      Return here when you understand reality