Sex And The City 2 - 1/10
Not sure whether to rate this as a 1 or a 10. It depends what your reasoning for watching it is. If youre going in expecting a good movie then youd probably give it a 1, but if you go into it expecting the worst thing ever (the room style), bonus points for not seeing the first one for extra confusion, then youre going about it the right way.
It really is so bad that it can be almost good with how offensive and vain these characters are. If you relate to anyone in this film in any capacity I have some dire, dire news for you. I wont put it here and be really rude to you but lets just say every character in this film is a human sludge pile.
If you really have nothing to watch and you want to laugh at it.... might not be a bad idea in all honesty. Maybe check it out?