Poltergeist - 3/10
I thought Id bloody love this... Classic movie, CHECK. 80's horror, CHECK. Practical effects, CHECK!! But guess what, its an absolutely confusing mess of a movie. The effects go from casper the friendly ghost/ghostbusters cute drawn in cartoons, to a graphic scene of some guy pullin his own face off. Then theres some weird 3ft lady who does some magic...i dont even know man. Honestly just bizarre. Its 2 hours long because 1 hour 30 of it is characters saying the most inane "believe in yourself" type crap, not to mention that every single character is irritating in their own way.
Theres also a really jarring cut from one scene mid sentence to another scene mid sentence. At first I thought this was intentional but it turns out that one of the characters talks about not liking pizza hut, and pizza hut got really mad and made them cut the scene and its done in the most clarted possible way...
Not the worst thing ever but hugely overrated; this is not the classic you think it is.