Small Soldiers - 10/10
Something about this movie just makes my brain lobes fire off in all directions... I think it's just how cool the figures look, and whoever designed them is a master brain operator who should be given 2000 quid and a really nice ice lolly or something. Tommy lee jones' voice is a cool feature but honestly I think this movie hits a nostalgic and aesthetic perfection that Ill never forget. It had a weird PS1 game tie-in too, and that kinda haunted me and freaked me out a little bit.
My only complaint is that there were never any mass produced figurines that matched the quality of the ones seen in the film... (okay, there were, but trying to get one of them is like trying to find the holy grail and also they cost more money than exists on planet earth). This is just kinda bizarre to me: its not like a movie where the toys would have to be an approximate to the characters in the movie, the characters ARE realistic looking figurines!! Surely whoever made the moulds for the ones in the movie could have re-used them to create moulds for ones you could buy for personal collections...oh well... gettin a bit off topic now arent I? Anyway this movie is wicked