The Hills Have Eyes 2 - 2/10
Fitting that this sequel (number 2), gets a 2. I dont know why its not a 1 honestly...something about it wasnt the worst thing in the world but...yeah...
The film encapsulates all the plot of the first one (which is just...oh my god what if there were messed up incest people that were really horrible to us and hurt us and made lots of gore wow!!) but includes the addition of the plot being focused on soldiers.
Dunno about you but I think its pretty impossible to vouch for a main character if theyre in the army! Thats kinda like really caring if a pedo survives the apocalypse... and as such, its impossible to really care about any of these characters.
On top of this, like the first 1 it uses sexual assault as something to include in the plot. Heres a challenge for all the directors out there who use sexual assault scenes in their movies: drink your own pee for a few days and then pass away, cheers.