Us - 6/10
Us is decent, but suffers the semi problem of you having to wait until the very end to feel any sort of catharsis or closure. I know that sounds like its the case for most movies but this really is one where people could get bored, leave, and then never find out the inner workings of the story (thats happened to our dad actually).
I think the problem is Jordan Peele had just made a smash hit horror movie, and then immediately tried to do another horror movie. I dont know if its wrong to assume it would be relatively similar and have similar plot points/twists, but I think thats what many people were expecting, I.E. something of the same quality level as "Get Out".
I think the overall story for this movie is pretty cool but I think its a tiny bit drawn out and not as impactful as the previous Jordan Peele Epic Extravaganza... So it leaves you a little disappointed honestly. Still worth watching if youre a fan I recon.