Halloween - 5/10
Rewatched this after not seeing it for a long time thinking it was gonna be one of the great horror classics just like "nightmare on elm street" and stuff like that... Wasnt expecting the world, and of course I expected it to be dated and cheesy etc etc, but its john carpenter so it couldnt be truly BAD right?
Well, youre half right. It wasnt super bad as it was just super long and drawn-out. The concept of "weird guy following you" just takes up too much time if im bein honest, mate!!
I feel like this would have benefited from more shots of him skulking around in the background rather than just appearing suddenly, but I know that because of the camera technology at the time, the audience watching the film probably wouldnt have been able to make him out too well. Maybe the remake has that covered? Then again, its a remake of a classic film, so thats probably crap 2000.
In short, I think this functions well as a piece of pop culture; everyone should KNOW who mike myers is (the one from this film not the shrek guy), but at the same time I dont think the movie really holds up well. The sound mixing is also kinda scuffed, someone will get shot and itl be the sound of a pillow being ripped open or something... I dunno.