Secret Recipes
Everyone is always saying how much they love our 3D generated foodage... but so many of our customers also wish they could make their own at home!

Out of the goodness and bigness of our hearts... the secrets to making your own perfect beautiful juicilicious 3d food at home shall be revealed...

Phlegm Heart
  1. Heat a drizzle of oil in a frying pan
  2. Place 300g of butter and 200g Putrid Powder into the pan
  3. Once melted, add the heart of a pigeon
  4. Brown the heart for 6 minutes then add 10g garlic
  5. After another minute, add 2 cubes petrified sweat
  6. Fry for 50 minutes until black
  7. Once cooked, wait for it to cool to room temperature (IMPORTANT)
Teeth Hummus
  1. Mix 200g tahini with 400g chickpeas
  2. Add 1tbsp lemon juice and 50ml of water
  3. Add 3 spoons of bone powder
  4. Blend on high setting for 6 hours and 30 minutes
  5. Add handful of organically sourced human teeth
  6. Shout the phrase "McDonalds!" 3 times into the microphone
Barbeque Orange
  1. Steal orange from tesco
  2. Place orange onto hot grill
  3. add 1000g Thyme
  4. Skewer orange then rotate quickly until cooked through
  5. Add 10ml Jerry's Mental Awful Hot Sauce That Kills You
  6. Serve Cold
Boiled Pen
  1. Boil a half full kettle with rainwater (UK ONLY)
  2. Put BIC ballpoint pen into pan and add boiling water
  3. Cook on high heat until a thick sludge is formed
  4. Add a pinch of sand and leave to cool
  5. Serve on a hotplate
Light Cube
  1. Cut kellogs cornflakes box into six sided cube net
  2. Superglue all sides together into 3d Cube
  3. Focus...FOcus....Focus...Focus..
  4. Concentrate all of your energy into the centre of the cube
  5. Scream as loud as you can for as long as you can
  6. Boil box in 6ml of water until crispy
  1. Call this number -> 055-144-778
  2. When prompted, say "Yes, I will cherish and love him for all time"
  3. Griggle will appear in 6-8 weeks